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Quality Management

Through contact centers at home in Korea and Global Link 24 overseas, Doosan is always concentrating its efforts on quality management to maintain customer satisfaction.

Realizing World-Best Quality to Touch Customer

Doosan Infracore continues to develop new products at the Central R&D Institute and the respective BG ’R&D sections to develop and supply products which meet our customers’ requirements. Our Reliability Evaluation Center only releases quality-assured products which have undergone the various functional tests and reliability evaluations. Our customers can receive a 24-hour service at home through “Clover Service” which connects all sales agencies based at the Ansan and the Gwangju A/S centers to customers and Global Link 24 abroad with a conversation channel which customers are able to access at all times, and concentrate our efforts on quality management for customer satisfaction.

With our motto, ‘Quality is the top priority’, all Doosan Infracore employees implemented the「MIPA」campaign in 1980s and carried out TQC activity such as management innovation and QOC field improvement activity to remove inefficient, non-economical and irrational factors and won First Prize in the government’s 1983 Quality Management Awards. Also the company was selected as a Top 100 Best Company for Quality Management for three consecutive years from 1994 as a result of its commitment to management innovation for globalization and its concentration and specialization in the「GGIP21」campaign in 1990s. It also won top honors in the Korea Quality Awards in the heavy industry field, coming first in the country in 1996.

Quality Management Policy

Realizing World-Best Quality
to Touch Customer

  • Strategy
    – Innovation of sensitivity quality felt by customer
    – Minimization of COPQ(Cost of Poor Quality)
  • Main Activities
    – Unfold 6-sigma activity in a scale of enterprise
    – Settle QM system auditing Innovate outsourcing quality
    – Operate Quality School all the year
    – Improve quality assurance infrastructure
    – Innovate product reliability
  • Change of Environment
    – Enhanced and diversified customer requirement
    – Demand for reliable products
    – PL(Producer Liability) regulations
    – Respect customer’s sensitivity quality
    – Need to differentiate product competitiveness
    – Changes in sourcing parts

Domestic customers value safety and prefer high-reliability products as the PL(Producer Liability) act has come into effect while overseas customers prefer customized products applied with sensitivity to quality as required specifications are diverse and sophisticated.

To deal with these environmental changes, we set our QM policy as “Realizing World-Best Quality Raise Brand Profile” and establish a positive brand image through the innovation of sensitivity quality felt by customer and improved management through the minimization of COPQ. To achieve this goal, we are developing management innovation across the company, strengthening product reliability increase, the direction and improving parts quality, enhancing QA infrastructure, settling QM system auditing, running the Quality School year round, and consolidating advanced prevention and management. Doosan Infracore are promoting increased customer satisfaction through various management innovations and competitiveness in all business areas, reinforcing activity through ERP, and striving to achieve World-Best Quality in order to become an internationally-trusted, worldwide total machine maker.

Certified QM(Quality Management) System

To achieve quality and meet customer’s needs, Doosan Infracore has improved and supplemented the existing TQC System and rebuilt it as an ISO9001 QM System. Under the new system Doosan Infracore has effectively implemented our customer-centered QM policy. As a result, all of our factories of all BGs globally obtained ISO9001 QM System certification together with 320 of our vendors. Doosan Infracore will promote various guidance and support policies to facilitate further vendor certification.

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Doosan is working to meet customer expectations with a varied product lineup covering entire world market.


Parts & Service

Doosan Infracore strives to ensure the best product support and technical services possible.

عملکرد جهاني

Global Performance

Doosan construction equipment has strived to supply highest-quality products and services in diverse area as one of the global leaders.



The brands of Doosan represent our proud history and worldwide growth. Many brands of Doosan Infracore are internationally recognized in the ISB(Infrastructure Support Business) industry.