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7دلیل برای خرید قطعات دوسان

7 reasons that is it right decision to purchase Doosan Genuine Parts in consideration of potential benefits of genuine parts and risk of non-genuine parts

  • 01. Performance

    Genuine Doosan parts, optimized for Doosan equipment, improve performance and reduce costs through fuel efficiency.
    Doosan’s genuine filters’ durability

    Using genuine Doosan parts is definitely more cost-effective than using non-genuine parts.

    We are all aware that looks can be deceiving. Although they may look similar, non-genuine parts can affect equipment performance significantly. For instance, the use of non-genuine filters/lubricants can strain equipment, which may result in higher costs down the road, rather than cost reduction.

    Purchase of parts from outside official Doosan dealerships hampers optimum equipment performance.

    Purchasing genuine Doosan parts from outside official Doosan dealerships can also cause unexpected harm to Doosan equipment.

    In line with technical developments, equipment designs are often upgraded and parts can undergo changes. Unofficial Doosan dealers may recommend antiquated parts to a customer without any bad intentions or imprecise information. Such parts can cause unexpected problems at the customer site. The parts can become entirely unusable. Only official Doosan dealers can recommend and offer genuine Doosan parts that are optimized for the customer’s particular equipment to ensure the best performance and reliability.

  • 02. Quality

    The quality of genuine Doosan parts is beyond exceptional. They ensure that Doosan equipment functions to the utmost through stable and constant operations.
    Building of the reliability evaluation center

    Doosan’s Reliability Evaluation Center is the largest heavy equipment and parts performance evaluation institute in Asia.

    The Doosan Reliability Evaluation Center carries out the strictest performance tests on each and every part supplied by Doosan Infracore in perfectly simulated conditions. The center is the company’s hub of technical development and quality assurance. Genuine Doosan parts that have passed the tests have all been approved by renowned labs in Europe and the USA after successfully undergoing their rigorous tests.

    Doosan designs all its key parts for quality assurance.

    Doosan manufactures all of its key parts by itself to ensure that its equipment functions in the best condition possible. The parts are used by some of the company’s competitors (20 companies), attesting to the great competitiveness of Doosan’s parts.

    Parts for construction equipment differ in quality depending on storage and transport Doosan does all that itself.

    Dealers of non-genuine parts stockpile and deliver parts in cheap and risky ways to minimize their expenditure. Genuine Doosan parts supplied through unofficial channels often suffer invisible damage or defects because of a lack of contamination management or improper storage methods. Using them may have a considerable negative impact on equipment performance and the customer’s operating costs.

    Genuine Doosan parts are regularly checked for their commercial values so that they can be delivered to customers in the best possible condition.

    Doosan carries out semiannual checks of its parts inventory. When corrosion or any other type of damage is discovered, all the relevant parts are destroyed immediately. Doosan ensures that all its parts leave the company premises in the finest condition.

  • 03. DoosanCARE Maintenance

    Genuine Doosan parts are accompanied with systematic Full Packaged Service carefully designed with the company’s philosophy, “Trust, Commitment, and Long-term Partnership.”
    Image of answering technical questions

    The DoosanCARE Maintenance program offers the customer a full package service based on the company’s philosophy of “Commitment, Trust and Longterm Partnership.” Customers of genuine Doosan parts are eligible for the various benefits available to the members of DoosanCARE Maintenance.

    DoosanCARE Maintenance is a regular maintenance service program offered by official Doosan dealers.

    Official Doosan dealers pay regular visits to the business sites of all members to offer them high-quality preventive diagnosis and equipment performance tests with the company’s state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Members are also notified of the time when they have to replace their parts.

  • 04. Professionals

    Genuine Doosan parts are supplied through official Doosan dealers only. Top-class Doosan professionals, who are trained and certified by Doosan, advise customers how to use parts correctly.
    Construction machinery technicians

    Doosan offers its dealers world-class training on Doosan parts.

    Only dealers who have completed the parts course at the Doosan Academy are allowed to sell parts. They are qualified to offer their customers the best consulting services on Doosan parts.

    Doosan professionals (dealers) offer consulting services tailored to customers.

    Each site differs concerning its need for an inventory of required parts. Likewise, each site has its own list of critical parts required to secure optimal performance or the best equipment status. Non-professionals tend to recommend buying non-genuine parts only because they are cheap. Using non-genuine parts ends up damaging the customer’s equipment performance and harming his/her business profitability. Doosan professionals recommend the most appropriate types of genuine Doosan parts for each business site after considering the related climate and topographical characteristics among other factors.

  • 05. Delivery

    Doosan provides fast and precise worldwide delivery of genuine Doosan parts through its global PDC (parts distribution center) network.
    Global delivery network image

    Global network

    The global network of the GPDC (Global Parts Distribution Center) maximizes its supply rate by making sure that each center is stockpiled with all the critical parts required for businesses in its area. The network also minimizes the time and costs required for parts delivery by positioning PDCs close to major markets around the world. Doosan PDCs communicate with customers in their time zone, informing them that they are open for operation, and deliver parts to them as early as possible.

    Mobile containers

    For locations that are hard to access, such as quarries, Doosan offers express services or mobile container services that supply key parts stockpiled in a mobile container to remote sites in the fastest way.

  • 06. Service

    Parts and services are always closely related. It is the most efficient and economical to use genuine Doosan parts with systemic support from the company through its officially certified service programs.
    Servicing an excavator

    Users of non-genuine Doosan parts tend to count on amateur services only to face serious quality problems soon afterward.

    According to a survey, while the users of genuine Doosan parts usually turn to Doosan’s officially designated services, those who depend on non-genuine parts cannot depend on the company’s official services, which markedly weakens their partnership with Doosan. Unofficial service providers’ lack of experience or provision of misinformed information on Doosan parts sometimes lead to quality problems.

    Only official Doosan dealers who know you the best can serve you the best. Doosan provides customers with the highest quality product support through its advanced customer management system. Through its official customer management system, Doosan builds up a customer database. When communicating with customers about parts supply or service requests, one of our Doosan representatives personally checks the customer information and provides customers with the best customer service. The service provided by Doosan is stable, fast and reliable. Dealers of non-genuine parts are generally not big enough to offer adequate service to their customers. Customers working in harsh areas cannot really expect to get a proper service and a stable supply of parts from them. Construction sites usually require an instant heavy equipment service. They also need relatively long-term relations with equipment suppliers. They need to maintain a h3 partnership with suppliers and receive reliable parts and services from official dealers.

  • 07. Warranty

    Genuine Doosan parts are subjected to quality tests constantly, so they can maintain the highest quality. Doosan offers a one-year warranty or 2,000 hours for all of its genuine parts. It is only possible when a supplier is confident about the quality of its products.
    Doosan Logo design image

    Doosan carries out quality tests on its parts continuously to make sure that they are the world’s best. Doosan offers a free warranty on its parts for one year or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first, because it is so sure of the quality of its parts.

    Doosan offers a warranty on its genuine parts.

    For key parts, Doosan replaces them with new ones should the parts experience a malfunction in any way, shape or form within one year or 2,000 hours of usage. Any non-genuine parts supplier cannot match such an outstanding quality guarantee offer. Its customers can hardly expect any quality assurance for company parts once payment has been made.

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